The Paradise Arcade is the next progression for Kiel and Eric. As a response from their audience and progression of their own interests TPA was forged. Where Two Pour Bastards was a shotgun approach of content, TPA is focused, while the two podcasts have similarities. The goal of TPA is to step everything up a notch and do the synthwave scene justice. There still is whiskey drinking through out the show but it is no longer the main focus. The reason being, is the scene has become more difficult and expensive to do at the pace of a weekly show. Shifting to an interview focused show allows the artists the space to talk about their music, their interests and whatever else comes to mind. TPA preserves the casual conversation model from TPB to allow the audience into a great conversation and stream of conscience moments that arise from it.
Also what is new for the show is the associations with Nightride.fm and Nitrowave Twin Cities. Both of these groups have a strong presence in the synthwave community. The first being a synthwave internet radio station with ties to many great global synthwave artists and DJ’s and the second is a homegrown collection of artist’s and folks dedicated to the growth in the Twin Cites area.

Eric has a background in music journalism having run sites such as soundstomp.com. He also is an electronic musician who plays under the moniker Blaqlyt and has another project with North Innsbruck called Local Creeps.
Most recently he was the co-host and creator of the podcast Two Pour Bastards.
Eric is also a founder of Nitrowave TC

Twitter: Ericth3r3d
Instagram: ertcetera
Soundcloud: Blaqlyt
Kiel’s background is in hardware modifications of retro gaming systems. A whiskey enthusiast and an avid vinyl collector. He’s also into retro gaming, focusing on Japanese arcade machine hardware. Most recently he was co-host and creator of the podcast Two Pour Bastards. Kiel is also a founding member and DJ for Nitrowave TC.

Instagram: Thefullextentofthejam
Instagram Vinyl Page: vfi5ve